Monday, 11 September 2017

Guards Up - Stay On High Alert

One of the most valuable lessons that I learned at a young age from experience is to always keep your guards up and stay on high alert, with everybody that you meet.
You never know which friendly face is the one holding a knife behind their back ready to stab you in the back when you least expect it.

As a continuation of my previous posts, the vindictive person, has started showing me the "friendly face". But after what I heard and found out, I don't trust that face or them for even a second.
I believe, they're trying to find a way to throw me under the bus.

I have never once let my guards down. I have never once trusted a word they have said to me. I will not turn my back even for a second.

For every good person out there that's just trying to work hard, chase their dreams and live their life of happiness. Be careful with every single person you meet, everywhere and anywhere.


Wednesday, 6 September 2017

To All Ladies in this World!

To all my ladies out there that are single and feeling alone or hopeless or unwanted.
You don't need a man, for anything. Don't put yourself in the position where you need them for anything. Be independent, emotionally and financially. Nobody is going to ever love you more then yourself can. Know what you want, and what you deserve. Once, you know that, never ever settle for anything less. 
The right guy for you will rise up to meet your standards, the wrong guys will tell you "you're standards are too high" or " you're high maintenance".
Never put any value to the cheap words man feed you. Remember, they are only empty promises until they back it up with action. 

Being single does not mean you are unwanted or undeserving of love or unattractive.
It just means, they are too shallow to see your individual beauty or they are too self-centered to take the time to get to know you as a person.
Do not give the time of day to somebody that treats you like an option.
If they want to stay in your life, make them work for it.
If they want to walk out, let them, don't try to stop them.
But never let them stand in between the doorway, it's stopping the flow of traffic of potentially better man to walk through. 

No matter how good looking a man is, or how great of a person he may seem. It's never going to be worth your self pride, dignity and respect. There will always be somebody better looking, and better man. When life takes away something, it will return you with something better. Don't ever compromise what you're looking for or wanting to a man that is trying to manipulate you into bending over backwards for him. Stand your ground, be unapologetically fabulous and walk away with sass.

You're not born into this world to please others or to be on hand and foot for a man.
You're here to find your passion, have dreams, chase those dreams and be your own success story. Self love will always triumph over any man's love for you. 

Ladies, you have so much more power over man then you realize.
Put on your sexiest outfit, doll up, and strut that sidewalk, mall, or wherever like it's your runway. 

Nothing is more beautiful and dangerous then a lady that knows her worth, that stands her ground, knows what she wants and never ever settles for anything less.
Be you, own it! Know your strength (and weakness/flaws because nobody is perfect), know what you bring to the table and can offer. 
Confidence, independence and self respect.


Thursday, 31 August 2017

Rise Above Like The Sun

How do you deal with vindictive, petty people that are full of hatred?

Simple, don't.
Don't react to them, don't let them get to you and don't stoop down to their low level to do the same.

Good will always triumph over evil.
Let them win the small insignificant battles, but you have to win the great war at the end.

Don't let your guard down and more importantly do not trust a word they say no matter how friendly they may seem.
Just a wolf hiding under sheep's skin. Let them think that they have fooled you, or got the best of you. Let them be the ultimate fool.
Be smarter and wiser. Learn the rules and guidelines and use it to your advantage.

These horrible monsters are everywhere you go. Who do they hate?
Anybody that are happy. Anybody that have more then them or has something they want. Everybody.
You'll spot these evil and cruel monsters instantly. They hate everyone, they always talk badly about others behind their backs but will be nice to them in person, they complain about everything and they can't see eye to eye with others because they think their way is the only way. They'll step on whoever they need to, to get to the top. They'll tear down anybody that they think is above them. They use negative names to refer to people (ex. Retard, fatty, etc)
They have too much ego and pride to ever admit they are wrong or to apologize.

Stay clear of them, don't let them toxify your beautiful kind soul with their bitterness.

What can you do to stop them?
Show them kindness, light the way for these dark lost souls. Pray that one day they'll find inner peace and learn to truly love themselves.

Well, I got quite a war ahead of me. After being nothing but nice and kind to this dark unfortunate soul, they decided to stab me in the back. This is what I get. I got fooled, everything was just an act on their side. But I don't ever repeat my mistakes twice.
Lesson out of that: now I know to be extra careful and on high alert.

With God by my side, my incredible inner strength, my stubborn nature, my determination, and my drive to never back down, will be my ultimate weapon in this great war.

Oh hunny, you're fighting a war that you just can't and won't win.

- JustBeYou

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Fight Like Your Life Depends On It

Hopefully this can be relatable to anybody reading...
Ever ended up in a situation that put you or something you care about it in a threat?
Well ladies and gents, I think I have been dragged into one. I have to admit, this isn't the best time for this to be happening. But then again, life likes to do whatever it likes.
Don't let anybody, especially bitter, petty, and vindictive people threaten your peace or happiness. Some people like to hate, hate anybody that's happier then them, hate anybody that has more then them, hate anybody that is different then them. Hate, blackens the heart and empties a soul into nothing.
Don't let these toxic people win, in any sort of way.
What am I going to do? I guess the only thing I really can do;
- keep my head held high
- ignore it, not let it get to me
- be the better and bigger person
- pray.
I believe strongly in Karma. I'm not going to stoop to that pathetic level of low to get even. It's not worth my time. I know, at the end of the day, no matter what happens, Karma will have my back (it has been so far, never failed me yet)
I have faith, that whatever is meant to be in my life will come or stay and whatever is not meant to be, it'll leave.
Wisdom is knowing when to fight back and when to let it take it's course.
Humanity is knowing everybody (including ones self) isn't perfect. Created with flaws and stitched with imperfections. But never punishing or torturing someone for it.
Life, is like a chess game. You're going to have to lose a few of the pieces to win the game at the end. Lose the small battles but win the great war.
People that are full of hatred, greed, envy and vengeance will never go very far in life. Forever stuck on a deserted island.
Their goal in life is to tear apart and destroy the ones who are happy and living their life with content.
Never let these type of toxic people disturb your inner peace or your happiness.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


If you're at a point in your life where you feel defeated, lost or hopeless.
Believe that better is just around the corner. Believe that the current situation is only temporary. Believe in yourself most importantly.
Life does not give you anything that you cannot handle.
I've been going through a phase recently. That had me kind of down and feeling like I was in a vicious trap. But I took a moment and reminded myself my "I believes".
- I believe I deserve better then this
- I believe all my hard work and perseverance will pay off
- I believe in due time I will achieve one of my biggest dreams
- I believe I deserve this (referring to something personal)
- I believe I am more then good enough
- I believe whatever that is meant to happen in my life, will.
- I believe that real love is out there and still obtainable
I know my biggest lesson to learn is patience. I really suck at waiting for something good.
And letting go of my fears so it doesn't prevent me from missing out on something potentially great.
Like everybody in this world, I have fears to. Typical fears, nothing out of the ordinary.
It is when you step out of your comfort zone, you'll achieve something much greater.
I know, God is with me every step I take. I know he wouldn't steer me wrong. I trust that this, will work out.
I will not have doubts, I will not fear the road ahead. With a blindfold on I will walk down the path that God put in front of me.
I truly hope, you're on my pathway. I feel something so strong with You, I don't even know how to explain it into words. I am sure, you're meeting a lot of beautiful and smart girls along your way. I want to prove to You, I am so much more then what you see. Much deeper and wiser then the rest. I want to tell you my full story. I feel like you'll understand and appreciate it too.
My biggest fear is disappointment. 
There's many hidden scars you cannot see. There are many wounds that are still healing. I've walked many paths and been through many difficult battles and wars.
I can tell you one thing, I'm not like the rest. I'm not meant for everybody. I'm not complicated but I'm not simple either. I'm not a bitch, I don't have a bad attitude but I'm not a pushover either.
I'm not naive, I'm not a fool. But I do give people the benefit of the doubt.
I did not walk down an easy road. I came across many hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes along the way. Fought the toughest thugs, climbed the highest mountain and swam the deepest sea. But my journey isn't over yet. My story is still being written.
And I want you to be a part of it. In a beautiful kind of way.
I have high standards but I don't ask for much. I have trust issues and am guarded but I'm not afraid to try and try again till I get it right.
I'm "what you see, is only a small part of what you get".
Don't be scared, I don't bite .
I'm just strong. I'm not a princess. I'm a warrior.
I'm not a damsel in distress, because nobody was there when I needed them. So, I became my own hero.
I want a partner. The king to the queen. Side by Side, kicking a lot of ass along the way to victory.
It's a tough battle by myself, would love another great warrior by my side.❤
- JustBeYou

Monday, 29 May 2017

Moments Like This

Everybody has probably been through this, making the same mistake over and over. You don't want to, and you try not to but yet it's like a curse. Never-ending.
Well folks, I'm going through that horrible, nightmare of a cycle. Trying to be conscience so I don't keep repeating the same mistake but yet, I become a bumbling idiot and can't seem to think before I speak.
The saying of "if you want something you never had, you have to do something you've never done before", I wonder how true that is. Life is short, not to take risks but what if all the previous times you've taken that risk has failed? Of course, one would be scared to take another risk like that again.
I've decided to leave it to fate. If it's meant to happen, and it's in my destiny (life story) then I'm sure it'll find a way of working out. Otherwise, it was not meant for me. Learning to let go of wanting to control everything and know the outcomes before hand. Learning not to worry and stress out over something that might not be meant for me. Learning to realize, to just let life do it's thing and to go with the flow.
Yes, I would be very disappointed and sad if I found out this isn't meant for me and it can't be (for whatever reasons). But I have to accept the fact and knowledge of; if it doesn't work out then there will be something better. Always got to keep a positive and open mindset.
Just Be You

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Strive, Persist and Try

"Nothing worth having comes easy "

Don't be afraid to work hard for what you want. Sometimes the results won't show right away and it'll manifest into something greater later on.
Never stop trying, just because you get a no, doesn't mean it's a defeat. It's life telling you, " try again".
If you want it bad enough, keep knocking on that door.
Persistent goes a long way.

"You need rain to get the rainbow "

No matter how many times life knocks you down, get back up. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Life will always be full of ups and downs. It will throw lemons at you, so you can keep making lemonade or make a lemon meringue pie, lemon tart, lemon cheesecake and so forth.
Life, isn't easy, so enjoy the good times, cherish the moments and create lasting memories. Life isn't about the destination but about the journey. Opportunities are not handed to you, you got to go find it or create it.

Sorry, if this post is full of static sentences. It's just thoughts and lessons I wanted to share. I know there are tons of people out there feeling defeated, depressed, unmotivated or inadequate.
Nobody can force you to feel better. Nobody can make you feel better. Fight to see the better days. You have to choose to feel better. Don't let anybody make you feel or think you're inadequate. You are not less then anybody else, you are more then good enough and have the potential to achieve all your dreams. But it starts with you.
In every negative or bad situation there is a positive side to it. It's you're choice to find it and see it or not to. No matter how bad it may appear, there is good that'll come out from it. Sometimes it's a lesson that you needed to learn. Sometimes it's a gateway to meet people that you need in your life. Or its life's way of telling you, "this is not for you". Find the positive. I guarantee there always is.

To anybody that's having a bad day or bad luck. Keep your chin up. Hold your head up high. The toughest battles are given to the strongest soldiers. Don't be ashamed of your emotional scars, be proud, for they're your battle scars. Everything that happens in your life is either a lesson you can pass on to another or a cherished memory you'll keep with you forever or a story you can tell to inspire and give hope to others.

Just Be You.